The lawyer Gabriele Galeazzi is on the lists for the free legal and civil sponsorship that consists in the recognition of the free legal assistance, at the expense of the state, in favor of not-to-be-warded subjects wishing to promote a judgment or who have to defend themselves and whose income as per ISEE declaration, it does not exceed 11,493.82 euros.


The lawyer Gabriele Galeazzi offers clients and colleagues from all over Italy a service of domiciliation and substitution in the courts of Ancona, Fermo and Macerata, Giudice di Pace of Ancona and Macerata, Court of Appeal of Ancona, Tribunal of Surveillance of Ancona , Ancona Tax Commissions, Marche Juvenile Court.


The lawyer Gabriele Galeazzi offers various personal protection services:
– legal assistance in the procedure for appointing a support administrator
– requests for replacement or revocation of the support administrator
– legal assistance in the interdiction or disqualification procedure
– application for replacement of the guardian or the administrator
– application for revocation of the ban
– support, interdiction and incapacitation administration
– application for authorization to the Tutelary Judge
– annual reporting

business consulting

The lawyer Gabriele Galeazzi offers business consulting services of different nature:
– general advice to companies and companies of
any legal form
– taking on positions in the various corporate bodies
– establishment, in Italy and abroad, of companies
of people and capital
– advice in cases of acquisition or sale of companies, shareholdings and companies
– corporate restructuring and reorganization through
merger operations, conferment,
splitting or transformation
– sales of assets and liquidations
– drafting of business plans


The legal firm of the lawyer Gabriele Galeazzi offers assistance in the procedure of cancellation of protests, checks and bills as well as in the rehabilitation of bad payers and CAI block at the Court, the offices of the prefecture, the Chamber of Commerce and the Bank of Italy. The same takes care of both administrative appeals and self-protection that hierarchical or in opposition to the Prefect and / or Municipality and the memories in the courts of the Court of Justice and Court.
64% of the appeals presented were accepted.


In the case of national and international tax audits, the lawyer Gabriele Galeazzi offers assistance and advice in all stages of verification, in the subsequent assessment procedure and in the eventual litigation through the identification of the most suitable tool for the concrete case: self-protection procedure, assessment with adhesion, complaint and mediation, recourse to the Tax Commission, request for payment in installments and definition of payment cards at the offices of the Revenue Agency – Collection

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